• Raw Brine Treatment

    Raw Brine Treatment

    Brine purification improves the brine quality upstream of a salt crystallisation plant.

  • Vacuum Salt

    Vacuum Salt

    Mechanical vapour recompression (MVR) technology enables salt producers to benefit from lower operating costs where the relative price of electricity is more attractive than that of steam.

  • Re-Crystallisation


    Re-crystallising rock salt or solar salt is a very energy efficient means of producing high quality vacuum salt characterised

  • Depleted Brine

    Depleted Brine

    Concentration of depleted brine from typically 190 g/l to 310 g/l

  • Calcium Chloride

    Calcium Chloride

    Complete process chain from the production of CaCl₂ solution, through its concentration, to the final product.

  • Sodium Sulfate

    Sodium Sulfate

    Production of high purity Na₂SO₄

  • Potassium Chloride

    Potassium Chloride

    Highlights In the potash industry potassium chloride is separated from the KCl containing mother liquor of different compositions depending on raw material in DTB (Draft Tube Baffle) or FC (forced circulation) crystallisers under strictly controlled conditions to produce crystals with a closely defined Crystal Size Distribution.

  • Combined production of NaCl and CaCl₂

    Combined production of NaCl and CaCl₂

    Recovery of high purity NaCl and CaCl₂ from waste water discharged from the soda industry.

  • Combined production of NaCl and Na₂SO₄

    Combined production of  NaCl and Na₂SO₄

    Producing high quality NaCl and Na₂SO₄ in the same plant offers an attractive means of utilising sulphate rich brines as a feedstock for salt works to maximise revenue

  • Industrial Waste Water

    Industrial Waste Water

    Evaporation of salty process waste waters to recover high quality salt (e.g. NaCl) which can be marketed.

  • Shale Gas-Produced Water

    Shale Gas-Produced Water

    Evaporation of produced water from hydrofracking to recover pure condensate and high quality salt (e.g. NaCl and/or CaCl₂) which can be marketed.

  • Ammonium Sulphate

    Ammonium Sulphate

    Crystallization of ammonium sulphate in modern DTB (Draft Tube Baffle) crystallisers under strictly controlled conditions to produce large crystals with a close Crystal Size Distribution.

  • Aluminate Liquor

    Aluminate Liquor

    In the Bayer process for the production of alumina from bauxite ore the weak aluminate liquor has to be concentrated so that it can be recycled to the digestion.

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