Combined Production of  NaCl and Na2SO4

Plants for the Simultaneous Production of NaCl and Na₂SO₄


Producing high quality NaCl and Na₂SO₄ in the same plant offers an attractive means of utilising sulphate rich brines as a feedstock for salt works to maximise revenue by:

1. Minimising Brine Feed

  • Less solution mining
    → Lower pumping costs
  • Smaller brine purification plant
    → Reduced chemical consumption
  • Smaller crystallization plant
    → Smaller equipment
    → Lower overall plant cost

2. Reducing Purge Flow

  • Lower salt losses
    → Higher NaCl recovery
    → Pure Na₂SO₄ as by-product

3. Environmental Gains

  • Less purge from crystallization
    → Reduced disposal cost
  • Less sludge from brine plant
    → Reduced disposal cost

Plant Characteristics

  • Reference plants of up to 1.2 million tpa
  • Advanced concepts to minimize operating costs
  • Depending upon the relative costs of steam and and electric power, the design can be based upon:
    → Multiple effect (ME)
    → Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR)
    → Thermal Vapour Recompression (Ejectors)

Flow Diagram


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