Combined production of NaCl and CaCl2

Combined production of NaCl and CaCl₂


Recovery of high purity NaCl and CaCl₂ from waste water discharged from the soda industry to produce:

  • NaCl > 99 %
  • CaCl₂ flakes (78–80 %) or granules (95–98 %).


Soda waste waters – all concentrations

Process Characteristics

  1. Selective crystallization of NaCl utilizing MVR or multiple effect
  2. Utilization of gypsum slurry process to minimise scaling
  3. High purity CaCl₂ product with low NaCl concentration
  4. High CaCl₂ concentrations achieved by evaporation minimises energy consumption for calcining or granulating
  5. Drum flaker and calciner for flakes
  6. Fluid bed granulator for granules

Plant Characteristics

  • Wide range of feed compositions
  • MVR or multiple effect depending on utility costs
  • Exact product concentration
  • Variable product configurations
  • High steam economy
  • Low fuel consumption
Dry NaCl on Ship
Dry NaCl on Ship
CaCl₂ Circulation Line
CaCl₂ Circulation Line

Flow Diagram


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