Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium Sulphate Plants


Crystallization of ammonium sulphate in modern DTB (Draft Tube Baffle) crystallisers under strictly controlled conditions to produce large crystals with a close Crystal Size Distribution.


  1. Waste liquors, such as those from the acrylonitrile, caprolactam and methyl methacrylate production industries
  2. A combination of the above waste liquors
  3. Directly from liquid ammonia and sulphuric acid

Process Characteristics

  1. Large crystals with a narrow size spectrum are produced
  2. Fines destruction in external heat exchanger
  3. Minimal attrition of crystals in the circulation system
  4. Selective crystal removal via salt leg
  5. Fluid bed drier / cooler for exact moisture level in product
  6. Product size range ensured by double screen sieving machine

Plant Characteristics

  • Line capacities : up to 300 MTPD
  • Multiple lines for large capacities and flexibility
  • Evaporation : multiple effect or vapour recompression with multi-stage fans
  • Special feeder system ensures constant feed rate to centrifuge
Vibrating Fluid Bed Drier
Vibrating Fluid Bed Drier

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